Thursday, 14 January 2021

ICE CREAM CORNER meets PATTERN PLAY DSP - Emma crafts with Mummy

This card was fun to make with my 7 year old daughter during my Back 2 Crafting Week last week.  We have, like the rest of the country, been thrown into homeschooling again and it is tough!

I have a teaching background and I know what to do, but it is not the same as teaching as planned in an educational setting at all.  I wonder, is it because you are more emotionally invested in your own children?  I feel a need to prove I can teach, with a Pygmalion-like success rate, and send my children back as fully rounded little Einsteins on their eventual return.  Lastly, our home is not the classroom; it is not designed to focus their minds and give them a sense of occasion for learning, their peers and teaching staff are not all around them for the social interaction which so importantly feeds into the learning.

Add to that a printer on overdrive, a domestic internet connection that doesn't know what has hit it, a house that is getting messier, quicker due to the constant occupation of its inhabitants and a workload that hasn't gone away but hours of the day that have, and we have a recipe for two pencils up the nose and...well you know the rest!

But this card took me away from all that for a little while.  We stopped the lessons and Emma joined me for my scheduled LIVE and we made this card together.  She really enjoyed it - she LOVES crafting and I have to watch sometimes that she hasn't helped herself to bits from my craft room without my realising!

The ICE-CREAM CORNER SUITE is perfect for crafting with or for children and it's summery subject is perfect for combatting the January gloom.

Check out my LIVE replay and join Emma and I as we take your through it.

Here are the measurements and products used should you wish to make one yourself:


Card base                        Easel Fold - 10.5cm x Length of A4 card, scored at 14.85cm

DSP Layer                      13.9 x 9.5cm OR largest stitched rectangle die as used here

Whisper White Layer      9cm x 5.5cm OR again use the rectangle dies for this

Insert                               13.9cm x 9.5cm

Scraps of DSP and Whisper White for the sentiment and to stamp the ice-cream

Product List

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